Crowd 2.0





Use "Crowd" to create a forest in a few seconds, add hundreds of components randomly like people, vehicles or other on a straight or irregular topography. This tool can help to design random patterns on walls or floors, random lighting, etc.

Instructions to use the application "Crowd" for Revit:

1. After installing "Crowd" on your computer, load the family "BOX" in a Revit Project from the folder "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ef Crowd.bundle\Contents\Source"
2. Place the family "BOX" and adjust the size.
3. Select the family "BOX" and click on "Random Elements" from the Crowd Ribbon Panel under the Add-Ins tab.
4. Select Components from the menu, enter the number of elements, activate "TurboCrowd" or not and click Preview to see a pattern. Click Preview again to renew patterns.
5. Click OK.